Remembering Amanda Aldridge Cause Of Death
Remembering Amanda Aldridge Cause Of Death

Remembering Amanda Aldridge Cause Of Death

Konsumtif.comRemembering Amanda Aldridge Cause Of Death The latest Google Doodle honors innovative opera vocalists who recorded over 30 songs and produced dozens of music tracks.

On this day in 1911, Amanda Aldridge gave a piano recital at Queens Small Hall, London’s Premier pre-war music venue and the original home of the BBC Symphony and London Philharmonic Orchestras.

Amanda Christina Elizabeth Aldridge, was an Afro-English opera singer and teacher who composed under the pseudonym Montague Ring.

He was the third child of African-American actor Ira Frederick Aldridge and his second wife, Amanda Brandt, and was born in Upper Norwood, London, in 1866.

Amanda Aldridge Cause Of Death

Amanda Aldridge Cause Of Death
Amanda Aldridge Cause Of Death

At the Royal College of Music in London, Aldridge studied sound under the guidance of Swedish opera singer Jenny Lind and German-born English composer George Henschel.

Aldridge worked as a concert singer, piano accompaniment, and voice teacher after completing his education, but his performance performance was discontinued in 1907 after laryngitis damaged his throat.

Aldridge used music to explore his mixed ethnic heritage, combining various rhythmic influences and genres with poetry by black American writers to produce romantic Parlor music, a popular genre played in middle-class living rooms.

Aldridge was an accomplished composer in the genre: in the days before record players became a common household item, the most efficient way to spread songs was through sheet music.

Living room music was meant to be played at home with a piano a common feature in middle class homes-and accompanied by vocals. Amanda Aldridge Cause Of Death

Under the pseudonym Montague Ring, he published about 30 songs in this style, as well as instrumental music in other styles, and as a vocal coach, pianist and composer, his talent continued to expand.

The piano composition ‘Three African Dances’, written in 1913 and influenced by West African drumming, became Aldridge’s most famous work.

Aldridge wrote Love Songs, samba, and orchestral works well into his 80s, gaining international recognition.

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He made his first appearance on television at the age of 88, on the British show “Music for you,” where he introduced a new generation to his songs.

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He died in London in March 1956-the day before his 90th birthday – after a brief illness.

The inspiration for today’s Google Doodle came from one of Aldridge’s few remaining drawings, depicting the musician at his peak.

A touch of embellishment, created from the treble and bass clef of musical notation, surrounds the focus image.


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