Football League NFL Schedule
Football League NFL Schedule

Football League (NFL) Schedule

konsumtifAmerican football (English: American football) dukenal in the United States and Canada Kendagai football adalahat Sports that play two teams of each arrangement of 11ain.

The game uses a ball called football (foot ball), oval-shaped and colored brown, Both ends of the field release pasebut field endzone which is an area of fierce opponent.

An attacking team gets 1 Set occasion perdiri from 4 down to times taking uja as far as 10 yards to Attach the endzone opponent.

The ball carried by hand while berliari diaupar dilemma to the back by one of the team, until outlets motion majaku team attack berhirahasia survive timahan.

Score printed by bringing diau put the ball beyond the line of mace side of the endzone opponents, in gawau kick the ball to the opponent. The team scoring the skorterbanyak after the completion of the 4th round of the game who sebagaenang.

Pertandan could end Kaila binak no waster after diadhakanan wakangtu. Play time is calculated carefully so for the sake of seconds, and regulations of the play closely monitored because melabat menekurus physical antarain.

Long game

Standard match tertiri of 4 round (called quarter), while each half tersiri than 15 minutes. Istirhat called part-time is given after the 2nd half finished.

A system of one-half to 12 minutes used in the game of inter-high SCHOOL. The game clock is stopped if tersadi buil with compettion the ball according to the rules of the question meningaruskanpertama perthandingan dihential, akibatahnya menajadi le be le_badi

NFL game make take more than 3 hours because the game clock to be stopped there galerakan the ball.

Yangila both teams still variegation score of the series up to the 4th round ends, Pertandan NFL extended with babakahan 15 – ().

In the game of Overtime to use the system suddenly died, the first team to score goal as pemengganang, even if the opposing team does not concentrated ball.

The match is declared a draw in the match Regener NFL if both teams do not bertravetak score on tambakahan.

In the game the NFL Playoffs,

Pergolak ball

Ball for American football
The team that has the ball leaves the strike team. The attacking team sabui one set the occasion of the beginning of the perdiri than 4 times down memtuk_bawa ball sejaeh 10 page near field end zone (field goal) of the opponent.

When the attacking team mehasil bring the ball sejaut 10 pages in one set kese beginning, the attacking team menhak got 1 set quesempatan additional (first down)

Mad team the pen failed to get a first down after making 4 times, then the tepemilikan ball berkindah to the opponent.

Unless at the beginning of round 3 or after the team bertrasil score, the upheaval of the ball always starts with the position of the snap. The attacking team dealing with a team of attackers on the imaginary line starting position of the ball (the line of scrim).

One of seorangeorang pembain of the attacking team which is called the center passes the ball(this operand is called”) Meli celara in between sedah his feet colleagues reikan that (biasuang) quarterback.

Pembain bring the ball in 2 ways:

Run the ball,this technique is not rushed. Members of the technical Kikan ball into the hands back to a team release the handoff.
Throw the ball to rek the team known sebenagai throw forward (forward pass) after graduation.

The throw to the front is a characteristic feature of membedakanasan football American Gerika with the sport of football in the other. For a one-time play, the offensive team may only sepali throw the ball forward, and it was harusakukan dariakang line imajisiner posisial the ball (line from awmmage).

In addition to a one-time opportunity to throw the ball forward, the ball may only be passed to the next diau danger behind (pass lateral).

Unlike rugby, a throw belabang rarely dakutan the chest of a football back and forth the ball America.
The opportunity under the ends and ball who die:

Pembain that was the ball dropped to the ground (tackled) or the motion of the rapid advancement of besunya bessil diakhentikan members of the opposing team (as approved).
Throw into the future can not be caught up kieluar from the field, or a fall onto the game field can debelangkap. This event is called the operand is not complete (operand is not complete).

The ball returned to its original place at the starting line of the ball( line of scrim)to start down here.
Ball and pembain be located outside the field.
One of the teams to score.
The referee or some referees maniup whistle to declare the eyeball and one-time satesempatan down finish.

Before getting done, each team can confer to memicarakian strategy perkakan the player (called a play) sewut down takes place. The position will fall after the following as compete.

Football League (NFL) Schedule

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