American Football
American Football

American Football Sport in different – Sport in different countries in the world there are very many kinds. Start from the sport that’s easy to create a playable, up until the sports-sports that have a high risk for the performer or sports player themselves.

America as a country which is famous for “Uncle Sam” and the power of adidayanya is one of the countries that has many varieties of uniqueness. Better than culture, lifestyle, trends fahion, film industry, music industry, until kinds of sports that are typical come from this country.

Oddly enough though the sport the typical American most fun to watch, but not always interesting if it is held every four ye in other countries. Such as the lack of the number of spectators in the stands.

One of them is American Football.
American Football much in vogue in ngara American, Ball-shaped oval that looks similar with pieces of chocolate or cocoa, this may still be too foreign for most people.

Sports broadcast this course can only watch for those who subscribe to tv wireless, which broadcast the program of the channel-channel overseas.

American Football is a type of exercise that are the same rigors of the sport of football. Each player is required to wear full body protector or a protector of the body, namely the start of the helmet with a special protective in the face, protective elbow and knee, protector of the chest and shoulder, to the protector of the genitals.

The protector is worn in the shirt team used a player. The league is the most prestigious in America is the NFL or the National Football League.

It is not uncommon that players salang adi muscles to each other compete for the oval ball is. The original sports of America is played by 11 players each have two teams playing in the field.

A field that is used almost similar similar in shape to the ball field, but has its own size to the size 100x 70 meters with the “end zone” or the line the end of your opponent in each end. A team is entitled to an additional 6 points when successfully perform the “touch down” in the final line of the opponent.

Each end of the field also there is a pole which serve as additional points as much as 3 points, if the ball from a player who takes the free-kick successfully passed the boundary of a horizontal pole like the letter “H”.

The rules of the game, each team is required to touch down in the “end zone” of the opponent as much as 4 times to add to their points. If in one round with the specified time a team can’t make 4 times a touch down, turn the play will be given to the opposing team.

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